Yoga Benefits: Varun Mudra for Psoriasis

Yoga plays an important role in the holistic/ natural healing of psoriasis. In this post, we would learn about a very simple and quite effective yoga- Varun mudra.

According to ancient philosophy, our body is made up of five elements- air, water, fire, earth and ether (space). The five fingers of our either hand represent these elements.

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Five fingers for five elements

  • Thumb                              Fire
  • Index finger                   Air
  • Middle finger                Space (ether)
  • Ring finger                     Earth
  • Little (pinky) finger   Water

Any imbalance of these elements can disrupt our immune system and cause disease. Mudra means posture. Hence, by making specific hand postures using these fingers, we can balance these key elements of our body to live a healthy life.

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Varun mudra

Varun- In Indian mythology, “Varun” is the lord of rain, sky and all water resources.

Mudra- It is a Sanskrit name, which means “posture”.

In Varun mudra, we would increase the water element in our body by making a particular hand posture. It increases the amount of moisture in your body, eliminates the problem of dry skin and make your skin shine and glow.

Benefits of Varun mudra for Psoriasis

About 70% of our body is water. Your blood, saliva, digestive enzymes, hormones, semen, tissues- everything has water in it. Any imbalance (reduction) in water can make our body dehydrated and slow down the body metabolism. The skin would be the most affected body organ due to body dehydration because reduction in water content means a reduction in natural skin moisture. It can lead to skin problems such as dry skin, cracked skin, skin rashes and psoriasis also.

  • It reduces the problem of dry skin
  • It helps in eliminating constipation
  • Reduces skin cracking
  • Solves the problem of dryness of the digestive tract (throat, intestine and mouth)
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces joint pain (hence helpful in psoriasis arthritis also)
  • Helps in blood purification
  • Increases the circulation of blood and other fluids through the body
  • It can help in preventing appearance of pimples
  • Solves the problem of eye dryness

Hence, we can conclude that benefits of varun mudra for psoriasis are quite significant.

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How to do it

Touch the tip of your little finger with the tip of your thumb. Keep the rest of the fingers straight. Initially, you may face a little problem in keeping the rest of the three fingers straight (see below image).

varun mudra-2

Don’t worry. Within a few days, you would find it easy to keep them straight (see below image).


As this yoga exercise involves your fingers only, hence, you can do it at any time and in any way- sitting, standing, walking. But, it is advisable to practice it in the sitting posture to get maximum. Sit in an easy pose with crossed legs.

Also, you can do it at any time. But, doing it in the morning or in the evening is more advantageous.

Initially, perform it for at least 10-15 minutes. Then, gradually, increase the time to 30-45 minutes. If you can’t perform it for 30 minutes at a stretch, then you can do it in two installments for 15 minutes each. For best results, do it for 45 minutes a day.


Please do not press the little finger too close to the nail. Maintain a distance between the nail and the pressure point because pressing too close to the nail would cause dehydration instead of increasing the water element in the body.

Do deep breathing and Varun mudra together

In our earlier post, we have discussed about the amazing benefits of “deep breathing” yoga on our body and mind. So, when you are sitting and doing your deep breathing exercise, then just make sure to keep your fingers in varun mudra. It would help you in practicing deep breathing and varun mudra together. The bottom line is-you can perform varun mudra while practicing any yoga or meditation technique.

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Varun mudra is an easy to perform yoga exercise which can be performed at any time throughout the day. Benefits of varun mudra for psoriasis are enormous- increase water content in the body, improves digestion and avoids constipation, purifies the blood and improves blood circulation.

Practice deep breathing and varun mudra together and enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga without spending even a single penny.


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