World Psoriasis Day

First of all, I apologize for being so late in summarizing the happenings of the World Psoriasis Day meet, held at New Delhi on 31st October, 2015.

World Psoriasis Day was on 29th October, Wednesday. But, we celebrated it on 31st October, Saturday, so that maximum people can attend this meeting because Saturday suits well to everybody instead of Wednesday.

Date and Venue

Venue: Hotel Le Benz, Pahar ganj, New Delhi

Date: 31st October, 2015

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

It was a very joyful meet, attended by 9 people (one person was non psoriatic). The number was a little less, but, not a bad start at all. It was first of its kind meet in India, where people having psoriasis met and discuss ideas to heal psoriasis and make their lives better.
As we all have experienced, psoriasis is not only a physical problem, but, it has an emotional aspect also. Only a person having psoriasis can understand our feelings and emotions. Hence, meeting people having similar struggles and experiences was definitely a life time experience for all of us.
We shared our experiences with each other and exchanged ideas. All the participants exchanged  their mobile numbers and/or email ids. Now, all the attendees are connected to each other in one way or the other. This is the beauty of such a harmonious event.
It was not just a conference hall with 9 people, but, there were 9 real life stories of struggle and perseverance. Everyone was so keen to share his/her story and to know more about other’s experiences. It was a meet full of knowledge sharing.

List of the attendees:

1. Mr. Gaurav Narang– A jolly personality, in his early 30s, traveled more than 60 miles to attend the program.  He explained about his journey of psoriasis healing, full of ups and downs, and now, he is getting a lot of benefits by making significant changes in his diet. He credits his success to dietary supplements also. The concept of self acceptance is also helping him a lot in making peace with psoriasis and avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety.
2. Mr. Ankur Tyagi– An energetic guy, in the mid 20s, always ready to help others and more importantly, his confidence level was also a highlight of his personality. In his earlier job, he was getting a fat salary package, but, the tremendous amount of job pressure was making his psoriasis (and his life) miserable. He quit that job, got a government job with less salary but a peaceful life. It helped him to concentrate on his skin. He is a big fan of body detox, especially colon cleansing. He is doing coffee enemas from last 2 months and his confident of wearing a half sleeve t-shirt is a stamp that it is working well for him. Apart from that, he undergoes panchkarma detox program once a year. He also encourages changes in diet and overall lifestyle for long term healing.
3. Mr. Saurabh Kumar– Saurabh came along with Ankur. They are buddies, to be more precise- psoriasis buddies. He is a soft spoken guy in the mid 20s with few left over black spots of psoriasis on his face. It was clearly an indication that he is gradually overcoming psoriasis. Unlike other participants, he listened to all of each and every participant very patiently and spoke only on his turn- this quality surely makes him a good communicator. He shared his experience of visiting an alternative medicine hospital in New Delhi itself- Tibbia Hospital. He also advocated the health benefits of Panchkarma detox program for psoriasis.
4. Mr. Pranjal Tripathi– A corporate professional, in his early 30s, pranjal is surely on the path of holistic healing of psoriasis. He says- if a person having psoriasis can improve his/her physical fitness level, then the psoriasis symptoms would ease down automatically. He drinks a lot of water, goes for jogging every morning, eats a lot of green salad and fresh fruits, drinks enough lemon water and he is no more consuming methotrexate. He has significantly cut down on tea and alcohol. All his experiences with various doctors have convinced him that self efforts are mandatory for effective healing of psoriasis. You can’t simply rely on the doctor for everything. Actually, the role of the doctor is very minimal. He is not visiting a doctor anymore. And yes, how can I forget this- he is getting married very soon and his “would be” soul mate has decided to be an equal partner in this struggle of Pranjal to overcome psoriasis. What a lucky man!!
5. Mrs. Sudershan Sharma– The senior most member of the meet, Mrs. Sudershan doesn’t hail from New Delhi, but a nearby town. It was so motivating to see her, travelling all this distance to join us in the meet. She is dealing with psoriasis from last 10 odd years. UV (light) therapy, Homeopath, Allopath- she tried everything with little success. Now, she is trying to follow the tips that we discuss in this blog and getting good results. She is trying to get rid of methotrexate. Visiting Yog Gram (Yoga village), an alternative health center situated in Haridwar, India has helped her a lot. She spent 15 days there and it was an ecstatic experience for her. She promised to come in forthcoming get together meets also.
6. Ms. Manishi Goel– Manishi showed up at the meet along with her mother. In his early 20s, a student of a prestigious engineering college, surely she has a bright future. But, like other young boys and girls, she was worried about psoriasis patches on her forehead and scalp. She shared her experience of various doctors which was not encouraging enough. She gathered a lot of information from rest of the participants. Her mother also discussed various dietary tips with fellow participants.
In one of her recent message after the meet, she shared that drinking lemon water and coconut water seems to work for her. Her psoriasis symptoms are disappearing gradually. Although she was not sure whether it was the effect of these natural drinks or the Homeopathy medicines that she is taking.
7. Mr. Abhishek Srivastav– A young lad, in the tourism industry, having a case of mild psoriasis. But, quite curious to know any safe and effective treatment so that it doesn’t spread more. Being in the tourism industry, he used to meet a lot of foreign tourists every year. He shared the amazing story of one of his clienta, a Japanese woman. That woman got amazing results by detox only. She advised him also to adopt various fasting programs to detoxify his body of toxins. Like Manishi, Abhishek was also taking advice from other participants.
8. Mr. Ashish Agarwal– yeah, it’s me. I hope, by now, you have forgiven me for posting this report almost one month after the event happened. As far as my healing story is concerned-this whole blog is a testimony of my healing experience. But, yes, I would definitely like to share one thing- I was very clear from the day of announcement of this meet that even if no one comes, I would go and just sit there at the venue. Fortunately, there were 8 more people with me on that day and I am really thankful to all of them for their presence.
Before wrapping up this report, a special thanks to Manishi’s mother to witness this event. Family support can be a game changer in psoriasis healing and Manishi is lucky to have so caring and supportive parents.
And, stay tuned for the announcement of the next meet because we are not going to wait till October 2016 to meet again. We would meet very soon.
If you want to connect with all the attendees, just join our Facebook group.
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