Why management and not cure?

I am a 30 years old man from India, suffering from psoriasis since last 9 years.It started at scalp and back and then gradually psoriasis flakes were all over my body.I was almost 70% covered with psoriasis flakes.I tried everything as do any other person suffering from this problem.Ranging from conventional steroids and topical ointments and shampoos to homeopathic medicines and ayurvedic medicines.Sometimes, something would click and I would feel like getting out of this trap and then gradually effectiveness of that treatment would start declining and I would find my self again fully covered with psoriasis flakes.It had been a roller coaster ride of improvement in skin and then going back to almost the similar condition.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

I contacted a number of skin specialists who claimed to CURE this problem with their expertise in different domains like ayurveda or homeopathy particularly.I don’t blame them entirely,but, almost every time, it was a disappointment for me at the end.

By collecting various information through internet, naturopathy and ayurvedic doctors, talking to fellow persons suffering from the same problem and observing my own body’s response, I have controlled and still restricting this problem to 5-10% extent.

For me, psoriasis is a problem caused by the accumulation of body toxins.Flushing of body toxins through proper diet, balanced life style and regular exercise/yoga is the way out.Also, as we eat daily, work daily….hence, toxins accumulate daily also…hence, we have to manage out psoriasis on daily basis.Hence, there is no as such CURE for this problem.You have to work on it on a daily basis.There is a possibility that after a few years, my internal body metabolism and immunity will let me have some freedom from this restricted life style.But at the moment, controlling this chronic itchy skin problem to a mere 5% or less is not a bad thing at all, that too without any medicines and costly laser therapies.

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