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I develop psoriasis almost 9 years back when I observed white patches on my back and psoriasis flakes in my scalp.Visiting a dermatologist confirmed me that I have developed one of the most stubborn skin problem as far as the know how of medical world is concerned.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

After trying all the three most common systems of medical science i.e. allopathy,homeopathy and ayurveda without much long term relief.I took over the task of healing my own Psoriasis in my way.Results till now are good enough and i am continuously looking for more and more effective ways to move ahead and taking this inclined graph of improvement to new heights.The holistic way I have adopted is based on the real life stories of fellow people whom I come across either in person or through this amazing world of internet.So, I know the power of sharing ideas and their effectiveness in making some worthy changes in your overall quality of life.I started this blog almost 2 months back and what ever I have shared here is mostly based on my own experience and something, I strongly believes in.I have always tried to convey this message again and again that I am a non medico person who is simply interested in exploring ways of healing my psoriasis without getting too much analytical in approach.

I developed psoriasis at the age of 21 and I was having a history of indigestion and constipation from my early teenage.My overall physical health state was not very good since my childhood and my parents were always concerned about my below average body weight and thin body structure.My life style was never smooth and before developing this skin condition, I went though a phase of depression as well.Numerous times, I heard doctors telling my parents that digestion power of this kid is not good and there is a need to strengthen his liver.

So, when I come across stories of people who improved significantly by changing their food habits and life style.Their belief on the statement that accumulation of body toxins have a strong impact on the level of severity of Psoriasis immediately attracted me and I felt connected to this thought. Ideas like acidic-alkaline pH balance of body, detoxification of liver, GO GREEN really pushed me to give it a serious try.Just like any other person, it took me quite a long time to convince myself fully that I need to take a firm decision and display high level of determination to give this phenomenon a try because this skin condition was really restricted me from enjoying this beautiful gift of god called life to the fullest.On the path of recovery, i am excited and looking forward towards new milestones of healthy skin.

After starting this blog, I started sharing my ideas on social networking websites and health forums and a number of people praised me and similarly, a number of times, people cursed me as well and question the scientific validity of my ideas.

I come to know about few people who developed psoriasis at very young ages.I remember 2-3 guys telling me that they develop it before they even enjoyed their 5th birthday.So, obviously, they would never believe that indigestion or poor life style or weak liver have some role to play in developing psoriasis for them.They claim psoriasis as a genetic problem and I do believe in their opinion because they are in the best position to judge their health issues and reasons for their problems.Similarly, some people term psoriasis as an auto immune disorder and they straightforwardly dismiss any benefits of changing food habits or life style at all. here again, I do believe that they are saying it by their own experiences and surely they are right enough to claim things related to their lives.

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In all, I am really not aware of what have caused me to have these white and red patches on my skin.I am really not in the condition of giving any precise scientific validity of ideas which have worked for me and still working for me.But, i am very much sure that we all want to improve our skin condition and our life as a whole.So, there can be differences in our opinions and perspectives, but we all have a common goal of managing/healing psoriasis to enjoy our lives appropriately.

Hence, welcome ideas of fellow people, listen to them and understand them carefully,use your brain and wisely select your choices in your own journey of healing psoriasis.The prime thing is to keep trying and exploring effective ways towards healing.There is surely a way for everyone of us which will calm down our psoriasis which will not be a miracle at all because millions of people had healed in past and millions are healing in today’s time as well. 


Self to be achieved through self efforts!!

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