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I developed Psoriasis about 9 years ago at the age of 21.In all these 9 years, I have gone through all those experiences which would be very similar for everyone of you who is having this skin condition.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

But,I have understood very clearly that – KEEP MOVING  is the approach to deal with psoriasis.There is no one universal cure for this skin condition.Also your body would get resist to various treatments with time.It means, some thing that is working splendidly today might stop working at all after a few months.Hence, being in contact with other persons with same skin condition is very important (health professionals with a noble idea of helping us without any intention of promoting any particular treatment/medicine are also more than welcome).

Also I have understood that a person with can understand the feelings of other person with same skin condition.Hence, I have created a FACEBOOK group- PSORIASIS SELF MANAGEMENT where we are meeting each other and discussing holistic ways of healing our very own psoriasis.I would request every one of us to be a member of this facebook group.

Link to that group is –

(Psoriasis Self Management)

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