Accept your psoriasis and start the healing process

I experienced my first attack of psoriasis in August, 2005 and it has been my companion since then. Psoriasis patches were all over my body from head to toe and it was almost impossible to hide this secret from people’s eyes. With God’s grace and wisdom, I have started walking on the path of holistic healing since last one year and the results are quite encouraging.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

Dealing with Psoriasis is quite a stressful condition

Below are a few attributes related to psoriasis which make it such a stressed condition:

  • Unavailability of any concrete treatment of psoriasis in modern medical science
  • Stubborn nature of psoriasis with periodical remission and flaring ups
  • People’s discriminatory and negative behavior due to their non awareness and ignorance about this problem
  • Gradual resistance of psoriasis to various treatment options. For example, a treatment regime working so well would suddenly stop working or its efficacy would get reduced considerably as your psoriasis would develop resistance to that treatment.
  • Negative feelings like feeling ashamed due to your skin condition resulting in low self confidence which would affect every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Hence, it is quite obvious for all of us to get stressed due to our psoriasis.

Accept your Psoriasis

Let me ask you one question- how worthy is denying your psoriasis or feeling ashamed?

Is it going to help us in any sense?

I don’t think so. Every time, I tried denying my skin disorder or feeling ashamed, it had made me stressed like anything and affected not only my skin, but my overall life in a non pleasant manner.

This is why, I have chosen the path of ACCEPTANCE.

Accept the reality of the present time; accept your psoriasis. Accept your skin and your life wholeheartedly. Don’t deny or hate it…accept the fact that you have this skin condition and more or less it is going to be with you for the rest of your life. It is a part of your life and you have to live with it. There is no good in denying it or hating it.

Believe me, accepting your psoriasis is the first step towards healing. Accepting your problem doesn’t mean that you have quit. It doesn’t mean that you are not going to do anything to heal/manage it. Accepting simply means that from now onwards, I am not going to live in false denial anymore and I will take the full responsibility of my life (and psoriasis) and I will do whatever possible to make my life more enjoyable with or without psoriasis. We have to accept that we have to make certain changes in our diet and lifestyle to cope up with it and that is very justified.

Without accepting your psoriasis and making peace with it, any possibility of long term healing of psoriasis is hard to believe because the journey of psoriasis healing is not a smooth one, but full of ups and downs (remissions and flare ups) and you would need a lot of mental peace and strength to continue your journey in spite of all these troubles.


You can’t expect others to accept you and your psoriasis if you yourself hate it? You have to accept yourself before others can accept you. Obviously, it is not an easy task at all. But, denying is not going to help you at all. Educating yourself and developing an open attitude towards your psoriasis will help you accept your psoriasis. Speak openly and honestly about it. You need not to feel ashamed for it.

Join a psoriasis support group; either online or in physical at your home town. Interact with people having similar health condition and plan a holistic healing process for yourself. A lot of people are healing their psoriasis by adopting a holistic healing approach and hence, you can do it as well. Never lose hope.

Next time, somebody stares at you skin or enquire about those psoriasis patches, simply tell them with a smile on your face- “Yes, I have psoriasis and these are psoriasis patches and I am working on it with positive changes in my lifestyle and food habits.”

Only after accepting your psoriasis, you would be able to educate others about the non-contagious nature of this problem and they would surely believe you and support you in the best possible way to make your life more easy 🙂

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