Real life story of Psoriasis healing: A couple’s tale

Real life psoriasis healing story

I am so pleased to share this real life story of psoriasis healing of a 64 year old Indian man who is having psoriasis since last 20 odd years. This real life story is special because it is not shared by the person suffering from psoriasis itself. Rather, it is shared by his wife who was with him in all those years; she felt his pain equally and she is accompanying his husband on the path of holistic healing in every single moment.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

Rachayita banerjee is sharing the story of psoriasis healing of her husband Pradeep Banerjee

Hi Ashish,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to email you our story as I don’t know how to write on the blog directly. You know, I am really not a tech savvy as such. So here is our story:

My husband Pradeep is 64 years old. In 1995, he was diagnosed with psoriasis. We tried all types of medicines like homeopathy and Ayurveda. We never tried allopath because we were told that allopathic medicines contain steroids. While trying those homeopathy and Ayurveda medicines, there were some good times and some bad times. About four years back, Pradeep got a bit frustrated with all those medicines and hence decided that he would not use those medicines any more. Obviously, he got himself covered with psoriasis flakes again all over his body and he had to cover himself with clothing to avoid people staring and negative reactions. Thankfully, he did not have any pain or fluids coming out of his psoriasis flakes.

In December 2014, he had an allergy in his eyes for which he needs to take some antibiotics. Also, he took some more antibiotics to treat the infection in his legs (caused due to scratching). This high dose of antibiotics caused a severe flare up of his psoriasis. Even a touch would have all his skin falling off. Luckily, we had the opportunity to get a naturopath home. He told us to stop all non veg food, sweets (traditional Indian sweets), milk, oils and nightshade vegetables. He advised us to have a concoction of carrot, tulsi leaves (basil), drumstick (Moringa) leaves and wheat grass powder early in the morning every day to flush off the toxins. We started seeing a difference within a week.

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Later I heard about Dr. John Pagano’s book and I readily bought it. I read it thoroughly. Now we avoid all the foods he has advised not to eat. Now, Pradeep does not take any medicine except Omega 3 fatty acid tablets. We have turned vegetarians and have a lot of green vegetables and fruits. To avoid wheat gluten, we use sorghum (jowar) instead of wheat to make roti (Indian bread).

You know, my husband has lost about eight kgs (more than 8 pounds) and look healthy. Now looking at him no one can make out that he was full of plaque a few months ago. He does yoga, meditation and works out in the gym. He has not done any colon cleansing. In beverages, he has chamomile tea and buttermilk.

I do agree that the diet regimen mentioned in Dr. John Pagano’s book is not easy to follow. Take the good things which one can follow from the book and leave the others which are difficult to follow.

Pagano Diet Psoriasis Natural Healing

I would like to add that this has been a very rewarding experience. He still has leftover marks of psoriasis patches on his body but now he can wear short sleeves shirts and t shirts as well as shorts. We have come to realize that with dietary control and positive state of mind, one can control the flare up.
In this whole write up, I have used ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ because we both struggled together against this disease. It is very important that the people around you realize what the you are going through and help you overcome it. It requires a lot of patience and struggle, but it can be done.

I would say that people suffering from psoriasis should try dietary and lifestyle changes because we have got positive results and hence everyone else can also. My husband is having psoriasis since last twenty years, hence we didn’t expect overnight results. We stick to the plan and it paid off quite well in the end. Always remember the 3 D’s -diet, detox and determination. Please feel free to contact me at my email for any further information- [email protected]

I don’t have enough words to pay my sincere thanks to you both, Rachayita and Pradeep Banerjee for sharing this amazingly warm story of yours. Without any trace of doubt, I can say that this story will inspire countless people to make their own way of healing their psoriasis.

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