This Young man relieved Psoriasis by reducing Obesity and Stress

It is always exciting to read real life psoriasis healing stories where people have discovered their own ways of managing psoriasis by holistic (natural) means without surrendering to the harmful steroids, immunosuppressants (such as methotrexate) and the so called ‘less harmful’ biologics (such as humira and cosentyx). This is the whole motto of this blog- to share ideas for self healing of psoriasis in a holistic way without drug abuse.

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Today, while browsing the Internet, I come across this incredibly motivating story of this young man, seems to be in his mid 20s, who decided to take charge of his life and change it for good. (1)

  • In 2013, he weighed 225 pounds, had psoriasis lesions on the face and got a dull and lackluster appearance- low in energy and no signs of enthusiasm. He was sort of trapped in a dead-end job with no scope of career growth and development. The psoriasis condition further aggravated his problems. It was sort of a double trouble for him and he was ‘just carrying on’ anyhow.
  • In 2014, he decided to fix his life and clear the mess. So, he quit that useless job, lost 60 pounds in almost 4 months and earned an associates degree for better career prospects. As we all know, obesity is a universal trigger for psoriasis so as stress. Reduced stress and obesity cleared his psoriasis quite well.
  • In 2015, psoriasis was well under control, sort of a smooth remission period and he ensure not to gain too much of weight or not to get too much stressed. However, during the occasional flare ups, he would use heavy make up to avoid public stares.

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  • In 2016, he became more comfortable with himself, accepted psoriasis as a part of his life and didn’t need heavy make up anymore during psoriasis breakouts (as in the below picture). Now, it was okay for him not having a flawless skin. Not a big deal.

The bottom line– Shed a few pounds of excess body weight and reduce stress in your life to relieve psoriasis symptoms. Most importantly, accept psoriasis and stop counting the spots as you have so many other important things to do in life!

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Lessons to learn from his life experience

Actually, I can relate to this young man’s story quite closely because I also took a similar decision of quitting my boring, direction less job in December 2013 and took a break to sort out 2 real problems of my life- stuttering and psoriasis. Those 4 months when I worked on my speech and my skin to regain health and self confidence was certainly the best decision of my life.

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So, basically, what we can learn here is to identify the real issues of our life and fix them without delaying anymore. It will not be easy because ‘changing the status quo’ means getting out of the comfort zone which will be uncomfortable and painful at the beginning. That’s why most of us prefer to stay in the same, familiar circumstances, even if it means wasting the life because we lack the courage and willpower to ‘change’ the things. But, breaking the status quo and embracing the much required ‘change’ would reward us handsomely in the long run.

So, don’t delay anymore and do whatever you can to improve your psoriasis and overall quality of your life.

If you plan every day to start jogging or gym workout, but, not able to execute, then no more delays; just start from today itself.

If you are planning to start meditation or yoga practice, but it’s just not happening, then no more delays; start from today itself.

Thinking is good; planning is good, but, the real deal is ‘doing’. Execution makes all the difference, otherwise, all of us know a hell lot of ideas to improve psoriasis. The ‘doers’ are the real beneficiaries.

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