Psoriasis Diet: It works; one more successful story

Psoriasis diet - It works


I got one more real life story of psoriasis healing for you guys. While roaming around the Internet, looking for some psoriasis healing real life experiences, I found this cute little story shared by an Indian guy in his mid 30s. He shared his story on a discussion forum ( Unfortunately, I am not lucky enough to quote the contact info of this guy because the forum administrator removed his email id, must be the forum rules. Anyways, on the behalf of our blog, I really feel debited to this amazing guy (Mr. Sunil) for sharing his healing story to motivate us.

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  • Sunil got psoriasis when he was a teenager. It has been more than 19 years when he experienced the very first attack of psoriasis on his body.
  • He hasn’t mentioned the source from where he designed his psoriasis diet.
  • He has said that after following this diet for almost 2 months, he experienced complete disappearance of psoriasis patches from his skin.
  • He is not sure if his psoriasis patches would come back if deviates from his diet. Hence, he is still following the diet with little modifications.
  • Apart from improvement in skin condition, he has lost about 10 kg (22 pounds) of body weight and feeling more energetic, fit and enthusiastic.
  • Seeing his face in the mirror is not a nightmare for him anymore.

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Sunil’s Psoriasis diet plan

Thanks to Sunil, he explained his diet by categorizing it into three standard meals- Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am sure that it would help us to avoid a lot of confusion. What to eat and when to eat, he explained everything.

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  • Freshly prepared juice (apple, carrot, beetroot). Drink as much as you want. No restriction on quantity.
  • A handful of overnight soaked almonds. Soaked almonds are always better than raw almonds. Soaking is very easy- take a handful of almonds, soak them in half a cup of water. Allow them to soak for around 8 hours. Then drain the water, peel off the outer skin of almonds and eat them.
  • One or two ripe apples. Fully ripened, sweet apples are always good.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid supplement- either drink 1-2 flax seed oil or alternatively take 1-2 flax seed oil capsules. If you are not a strict vegetarian, then you can take fish oil capsules also. They are no lesser a source of essential omega 3 fatty acids

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  • Sunil would eat apples and pears. No restriction on quantity.
  • Fresh juice (apple, carrot, beetroot) same as breakfast.


  • Boiled/steamed vegetables. You can use maximum 1 teaspoonful of soyabean oil or canola oil). Choose only alkaline vegetables- broccoli, cabbage, beetroot, carrots, peas.
  • Use plenty of finely chopped onion and garlic for dressings. You can also squeeze lemon juice on it. It would make the boiled vegetables delicious. Use little salt for taste if you need.
  • Sweet potatoes are Sunil’s favorite and he eats them a lot.
  • You can also eat apples and pears apart from these boiled vegetables.
  • Before going to bed, take omega 3 fatty acid supplements (same as breakfast).

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Alkaline diet chart Psoriasis Proriatic Arthritis

For beverages, take green tea.

Sunil followed this diet strictly for 6 weeks. Then he started taking baked salmon fish (little oil and salt) occasionally. After about 8 weeks (2 months), his skin got completely free from psoriasis patches. But, he is still continuing this diet with a little modifications because he is suspicious that his psoriasis would come back if he stop this diet program.

Foods he avoids

  • All bakery foods (made from refined white flour) – Bread, pastries, biscuits.
  • All caffeinated beverages.
  • All acidic foods- Milk tea, dairy products, oranges, pineapples, peanuts, chocolates, ice creams, mango, tomato.
  • No smoking or alcohol

Topical applications

Initially, he used coconut oil and vaseline petroleum jelly on his psoriasis patches to make them moist. Now, he doesn’t use them simply because his skin is psoriasis free now.

Natural Moisturizer Psoriasis selection guide

Avoid Constipation

To ensure regular bowel movements, he used to take laxatives initially. Now, he doesn’t take them because his bowel movements are smooth now. Ensuring regular bowel movements assured smooth elimination of accumulated toxins. And, this diet is putting a minimum load of toxins on his body. Hence, the overall toxin level reduced drastically in his body. Sunil relates this reduction in body toxins to his psoriasis healing.

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His message to fellow people (having psoriasis)

For the very first time in these 19 years, I am psoriasis free and it is an awesome feeling. Initial one week of the diet program was really difficult, but, you can do it with a strong will power and determination. The best about this diet is- it is natural with no side effects and it is incredibly cheap as well. So, in case you don’t get as good results as I have got, you would feel your overall health improved drastically and most importantly, there is nothing to lose.

Green juicing recipe Psoriasis

What lessons we can learn

As we all know that psoriasis is quite a specific problem and there is “one for all” type treatment available. Hence, there is no guarantee that we all would get the same healing effect as in case of Sunil. Also, we should not follow anyone blindly. Rather, we should try to empower ourselves with knowledge about our psoriasis, psoriasis triggers and what healing treatments can be best effective for us. But, there is no doubt in my mind that diet plays a huge role in psoriasis healing/management. Apart from my own experience, there are so many real life healing stories available on this blog. Hence, even if you can’t follow this diet accurately, there is no harm in adopting some good ideas from this diet program if you find them useful.

Always remember- Every successful long journey starts with a single step. So, don’t get frightened by so many restrictions, just start with small steps and keep walking. Give your treatment plan at least one month time to show some progress. Once you would start getting some results, you would feel amazingly motivated and then any restrictions in diet or lifestyle would not be that much painful. I know that it is easier said than done, but, there is no sugar coating here…believe me, I am saying all this from my own experience 🙂

Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to share or say or ask. Together, we are stronger!!

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