Is Psoriasis contagious? Definitely not!

Almost every human being in this world is dealing with one health problem or the other. But, when you are dealing with a health condition which is clearly visible to yourself and the others, then the impact of that health condition isn’t restrict to the physical level, it affects your mental peace and self confidence also.

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Psoriasis is, undoubtedly, one of the most difficult to treat skin conditions. There is a very high possibility that once you got psoriasis, then you would be dealing it with for the lifetime. There are ways and treatments which can help you to manage it as good as up to 90-95% so that psoriasis doesn’t drive your life and you can carry out all your personal and professional responsibilities like almost a normal (non sufferer) human being. But, as we all know, psoriasis is very stubborn in nature. The psoriasis healing journey is full of ups and downs- remissions and flare ups. Hence, you would be dealing with a lot of questions from people around you and you should be ready to answer those questions in the best possible way.

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Psoriasis is not contagious

Psoriasis cannot be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. Although, sometimes, genes have some role to play. But, there are so many common health conditions which can be genetic in nature diabetes, high blood pressure.

Hence, psoriasis is not contagious at all. I am sure that most of us would be knowing this fact. The dermatologist across the world know this fact and during the diagnosis, they make us  comfortable by telling this somewhat positive news to us.

I remember the three things the dermatologist told me during my first diagnosis:

  1. You got psoriasis. There is no cure for it. He asked me to use the medicines prescribed by him for a few months-shampoo, cream, methotrexate and multivitamin capsules. He was quite sure that these stuffs would calm down my psoriasis.
  2. Psoriasis would not affect your lifespan. It would not create any other health problem for you. (He didn’t tell me about psoriasis arthritis, luckily I don’t have psoriasis arthritis)
  3. Psoriasis is not contagious. He said it while looking at my father’s face. My father didn’t care about it, obviously he was still not convinced that his son has developed an incurable skin problem. But, I was a bit relaxed that at least I am not going to spread it to others.

Hence, let us make sure that we know, understand and believe this fact from the core of our heart that we are not going to transfer this skin problem to anyone else- our parents, family, friends and the general public. Hence, there is no reason that why we should be hesitant in mixing up with other people.

Various research studies do validate this claim. I have given reference links of two such research studies at the end of this post.

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Spreading the message- Psoriasis is not contagious

Only knowing this optimistic fact is not enough. When all the health experts know it, all the people suffering from psoriasis know it, then why there is still a lack of awareness among the general public about the non contagious nature of psoriasis? It is clearly because- neither the health experts, nor the sufferers are serious about spreading the message that psoriasis is not contagious. It is OK for the doctors if they are not bothered, because it is not hampering their lives, but, for us, the sufferers, the scenario is different. No matter how less is the coverage of psoriasis patches on your body, no matter how educated and sophisticated the society you are living in- sometimes, you must be facing strange responses from the people around you because they would be afraid if they would catch it also. Hence, it is very important for us to make the society aware that psoriasis is not contagious.

Tell your close buddies, love and life partners

The friends in your college, your office colleagues, your love partner, your life partner, your fiance- everyone should know this fact that by mixing up with you, they are not going to get this skin problem. Trust me, it is very important for them to know. Sometimes, we feel that these important people in our lives are not bothered about our skin condition because they never disclose their doubts and reservations. But, there is a very high possibility that deep down in their minds, they are somewhat afraid. They really want to ask this question- is psoriasis contagious? But, they are not asking because they are afraid that it would hurt you.

Hence, let us break the ice and tell them that psoriasis is not contagious. Just don’t think, whether they care for it or not, it is your duty to tell them that you care for them and your psoriasis is not transferable by living together or touching each other. Openly discussing the things can relieve you from the emotional baggage that you are carrying from a long time. Once you are comfortable with it, you would experience a drastic improvement in your confidence level that would eventually help you to bring the stress level down.

Remember it- If you know and believe that psoriasis is not contagious, if you are not ashamed of your skin- only then the people around you would also be comfortable with you. The opposite is also true.

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Psoriasis and love relations- Sex and intimacy

Most of the youngsters, who got psoriasis, have almost blank love lives. They seldom think of getting into a love relationship because of their skin patches. Anticipating negative responses, they would seldom approach someone even if they feel attracted.

In marriage also, people having psoriasis would have a lot of doubts-

  • How my partner would respond to my skin condition
  • Would it be comfortable to get intimate or having sex
  • How would the in-laws and other relatives would behave

The best way to deal with all these things is- to openly discuss about psoriasis with them. If a person cares for you or understand you, he or she would listen to you and believe you. Dr. Cammi Balleck, a Naturopathic health expert and author of the book Happy, The New Sexy advises- the best way to make your potential life partner comfortable with your skin condition is to tell them that psoriasis is not contagious in nature and it wouldn’t have any serious consequences in long term.

As far as sex and intimacy is concerned, psoriasis doesn’t affect the sexual desire or efficiency of a person. Although, if you have psoriasis flakes on your genitals, then you may feel discomfort during sexual intercourse. Using condoms or proper lubrication can help you out in it. Also, don’t forget to switch off the lights during intercourse. It would help in making you less conscious about your skin.

Let me re-affirm it again- if you are comfortable with your body, if you are positive about your life, then others would also behave in the same manner.

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Dealing with the questions from the general public

We all are familiar with those occasional stares of people on our psoriasis patches. Sometimes, they inquire about it and sometimes, they don’t. The most important thing here is- how much comfortable you are in your own skin. Obviously, we all are trying to heal our skin and it is the best thing we can. Apart from it, we should develop a positive attitude towards our problem. As mentioned earlier, everyone has some problem or the other. So, there is no need to feel embarrassed for this skin condition. Most of the times, people’s reaction to these skin patches would totally depend on our own confidence and comfort level. Hence, if we want other people to behave sensibly to our skin condition, then we must behave accordingly. We must display a positive attitude. Next time, if someone gives a deep stare at your skin and asks- is psoriasis contagious? Simply tell- No, its not contagious. Its an auto-immune disorder and I am working on it. Be bold, confident and look into their eyes while telling them.

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Spread the message

If you want to make your public life easy, then educate the people around you. It doesn’t mean that you need to tell each and every person you met about your psoriasis. But, the people close to you like your friends, colleagues, love or life partner- tell them about the non contagious nature of psoriasis. And, if someone makes an inquire, tell them in detail that psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder and more than 2% of the world’s population has this condition.

Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to create awareness about psoriasis. Get connected to other people having psoriasis by these social media platforms and share your ideas and feeling with them. Try to meet a few of them in person also. You (along with your psoriasis friends) can plan awareness campaigns – psoriasis awareness roadshow, visiting health clinics, raising the psoriasis awareness banners in public places like the park and outside the shopping plazas.

Don’t forget to continue your psoriasis treatment plan

The million dollar question- is psoriasis contagious- is answered. It is not contagious. But, it doesn’t mean that your work is done. Accepting the problem or getting comfortable with it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the treatment anymore. No matter how confident or positive you are, if your psoriasis would not heal, then eventually your confidence level sink sooner or later. Hence, whatever is helping you, stick to it and heal your psoriasis. Only then maintaining a positive attitude would be possible in the long term.

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