Opposite foods to be avoided in psoriasis

This concept of opposite food combinations seems relevant in psoriasis. Opposite foods simply means the food items which are not compatible with each other and may promote negative reaction in the body and induce accumulation of toxins in the body.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

If you will check on various resources available to get the list of opposite foods, you will find a long list offcourse.

Here, I am plotting down a list which I can relate to because avoiding these combinations helped me in controlling my psoriasis.

Here goes my short list of opposite foods:

Milk with meat

– Milk with fish

– Milk with salt

-Milk with yoghurt

– Milk with sour fruits (citrus fruits)

– Fish with yogurt

– Leftover food with fresh ones ( simply avoid the leftovers)

– Mixing honey with HOT water/tea/milk

Taking Milk with fish is harmful as the two foods are incompatible: milk is cold  in nature and fish is heating. Combining the two induce toxins in body and causes obstruction of the body’s channels , hence accumulating toxins. Salt and milk together is another combination that should be avoided due to same compatibility concern.

Citrus fruits don’t go well with milk as the sourness affects the quality of milk in a negative way.It will create digestive problems.Hence,milk can only be combined with purely sweet and ripe fruits. A ripe, sweet mango or dates can be combined with milk. But red signal for berries and raisins.Even ripe bananas are sweet in taste, but its property changes by the time it goes from your mouth down to the stomach and becomes sour. Therefore, if you mix the banana with milk, the banana will cause the milk to curdle in your stomach and you will most likely feel really heavy afterwards.  With that said and bananas being the one exception to the rule, only purely sweet tastes can be mixed with milk.

So its always better eat your fruits and drink your milk Separately,atleast two hours gap is advisable.

 Avoid leftovers if you can. Food loses its nutritional values if stored overnight in the fridge and gets heavy as well. Mixing leftovers with fresh food is also not a good idea.

Always use raw, uncooked honey. Giving high temperature exposure to honey general turns it into a sticky glue that clogs the body’s channels and produces toxins.Also honey looses its nutritional values at high temperature. This includes having honey in your tea or drinking something hot after eating honey.

Best way to use honey with milk or tea or water  is letting milk/tea/water to cool down to warm level and then add honey slowly into it.

Don’t mix equal quantities ghee (clarified butter, used extensively in India and nearby south asian countries) and honey as they have opposite reactions in the body—honey has a heating, drying, scraping action, whereas ghee has a cooling,

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Important note:-

As earlier mentioned, All the information shared is based on my belief, advice given to me by various health professionals and my own experiences.

You might have seen people using all these combinations without any visible harm.But, most of the time, slow toxins takes a lot of time to develop visible results,also, if a person have strong digestive system then he/she may give a positive miss to the harmful effects.

But, for people with psoriasis, it is beneficial to try these tips because generally people will psoriasis have indigestion issues and avoiding these food combos will help avoid further complications.

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