Benefits of Cucumber for Psoriasis

Cucumber for Psoriasis

Dated: 15 May’2015

Here in the northern part of India, we have given a farewell to winter season and summers are knocking at the doors. So, I will not be able to drink carrot juice anymore and search for a suitable substitute of carrot is on the cards. While exploring the benefits of various summer season vegetables, my search has taken a serious halt at cucumber. Yeah, this greenish yellow vegetable has impressed me with amazing health benefits.Psoriasis Matrimony Marriage Bureau

You must have seen those television commercials where a lady would have her face covered with face pack with 2 slices of cucumber on both her eyes. Also, a lot of natural/herbal skincare products, particularly face packs have cucumber as an important ingredient. As a result, I have always believed that cucumber is having a lot of benefits for human skin.

What is Cucumber

Cucumber is a greenish white vegetable widely cultivated across the globe. Botanical family of cucumber plant is same as that of melons. This vegetable definitely enjoys a place in the list of favorite foods of health conscious people because of all the amazing health benefits loaded in this amazing vegetable. Low calorie content, high fiber content, adequate amount of antioxidants, high water content and many more.


Benefits of Cucumber for Psoriasis

I have always considered my Psoriasis an “Inside-Out” issue. Hence, I have compiled various health benefits of cucumber which can be availed by eating only. Information about use of cucumber in various external applications like face packs and creams can be collected by exploring the internet.

I consider cucumber as a SUPER food for me. Reason being:

  1. It contains very less calories
  2. It is a rich source of dietary fiber
  3. It is amazingly alkaline in nature
  4. More than 95% of cucumber is water

After getting to know these four health benefits of cucumber, I would label it as a super food for me instantaneously.

Apart from that, consuming cucumber provides you good quantities of vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K in particular), minerals (potassium, magnesium in particular) and other anti-oxidants. Scroll down to know more and do tell me if I am not right in labeling cucumber as a super food for people with psoriasis.

  • Relieves constipation: Cucumber is more than 95% water. Water contained in cucumber is naturally distilled water which is purer than even the purest water you can get from the most costliest water purifier. This high content of water helps in keeping your body hydrated and avoid hardening of stools; hence helps in dealing with constipation. Apart from that, cucumber skin is a rich source of dietary fiber which is also a natural enemy of constipation. Hence, be smart and always consume cucumber without peeling off its skin to avail best benefits of this wonderful vegetable.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Cucumber is a natural coolant. High water content in cucumber helps in the elimination of uric acid from your body joints reducing inflammation. Hence, relieves inflammation associated with psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis.

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  • Neutralizes acidity: Cucumber is alkaline in nature and hence, neutralizes any acidity in your body to reset the optimum body pH levels (slightly neutral). This property of cucumber helps in dealing with hyper acidity and gastric issues.
  • Helps in detoxification: High water content, alkaline in nature and high fiber content- all these properties of cucumber help in flushing out of accumulated toxins from your body by various channels like urine, stool and sweat. Cucumber moistens and cleanses colon (large intestine).

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  • Helps in weight loss: Calorie content in cucumber is minimal and water content is very high. Hence, eating cucumbers whenever you feel hungry (and thirsty) is definitely a good idea to manage your weight.
  • Repair skin cells damage (anti-aging properties): High in antioxidants- Vitamin C, vitamin A, beta carotene, manganese. Due to high anti oxidant properties, cucumber consumption will help your body fight free radicals that causes skin damage.
  • Maintaining your body pH: Cucumber is alkaline in nature. Hence, eating cucumber can help you shift the body pH towards slightly alkaline region which is good for your body. Acidic body pH is an open invitation to various diseases. Ideal body pH is slight alkaline (slightly more than 7)

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How to consume Cucumber

Cucumber is generally consumed in raw form; as an important ingredient of salads and sandwiches. Apart from that, cucumber juice is also becoming more and more famous because GO-GREEN concept is becoming increasingly popular among people.

Always remember not to peel off the outer skin of cucumber. Consume cucumber as a whole (along with the outer skin). Peeling off the outer skin will strip away nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K and dietary fiber.

Picking the best quality Cucumber

Always go for pale to dark green colored cucumber (dark green is best). It should be tight (firm) in feel. Avoid yellowish colored cucumber. Due to possible use of harmful chemicals (to shorten the maturity time of cucumbers so that farmers can make more money), try to go for organically grown cucumber, if possible. Otherwise, buying from reputed super stores is recommended where a better quality product is expected.

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Benefits of cucumber for psoriasis are numerous. High water content, alkaline in nature, natural coolant, fortified with dietary fibers and vital vitamins and minerals. Always keep fresh cucumbers in your fridge. Every time you feel hungry, take a few slices of cucumbers (very less calories) and say no to packaged processed foods (full of calories).

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