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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Ashish Agarwal, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Ashish Agarwal

    Ashish Agarwal Administrator Staff Member

    Hello friends, I'm Ashish Agarwal, a working engineering professional from India. I works and lives at Noida, a city in India. I am dealing with psoriasis since last 10 years.
  2. TheLynx

    TheLynx New Member

    Not sure quite how to use this site, but I am determined to learn quickly!! :) Hello Ashish. It is a brilliant idea to set up this community and I am already seeing results from some of your recommendations. I am now drinking lemon water regularly during the day, having turmeric capsules twice a day and using aloe vera shampoo and coconut oil on my scalp and a few patches on my body. The scalp psoriasis is greatly improved and my digestion also is much more effective. Thank you :)
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  3. Ashish Agarwal

    Ashish Agarwal Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks a lot. Thanks for your encouraging words.
  4. Diana

    Diana New Member

    Nice to be here ... I live in Monterrey México... I am a Teacher but I am not working right now ... I will be studing !!! Nice meeting all of you Thanks Ash!!!! For inviting me here.:)
  5. Mary Rogers

    Mary Rogers New Member

    Hi Ashish, this is a wonderful idea, thanks for organising. I look forward to all the sharing of experiences, ideas and information. Thanks for the invite!
  6. Realc

    Realc New Member

    Great job as usual Ashish, very nice forum ! Happy to be hear with tou guys ! :) Cyril from Lyon France
  7. Robin R

    Robin R New Member

    My name is Robin and i live in the USA. My mother is the one with psoriasis and i am looking up new things in an attempt to help her improve her quality of life. She has several skin conditions and we are hopeful to find something to help.
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  8. Vikram Batra

    Vikram Batra New Member

    Hi everyone...I am Vikram batra from New Delhi, Mayur vihar. I will be 28 soon. And, I am telling you guys- Ashish is just like rancho from the movie 3 idiots...he knows almost everything about psoriasis...and still he is not a doctor...great work man...looking forward to meet you soon
  9. Amla Venkateshwara

    Amla Venkateshwara New Member

    Hello everyone, I am Amla Venkateshwara from Kolkata...30 years old...hope to find some good solution to deal with psoriasis. Nice effort!!
  10. Amy Thompson

    Amy Thompson New Member

    Amy Thompson from London.....age not telling...ha ha...and your theme is good of self management ...thums up
  11. Sushil

    Sushil New Member

    Hello, myself Sushil Dhupam, 39 years old Man from India....
  12. Varsha

    Varsha New Member

    My name is Varsha, a government servant in India. I am 49 years old, mother of 2. I am suffering from psoriasis since last 15 years.
  13. Timothy

    Timothy New Member

    Am I the oldest guy here?

    Timothy here from UK, 59 years old, retired...good to see you all here
  14. Savita Kadowala

    Savita Kadowala New Member

    Savita, a housewife from india...thanks for this community
  15. Anupama Choudhari

    Anupama Choudhari New Member

    Anupama from India, nice to see you all:)
  16. Anurag Nema

    Anurag Nema New Member

    Anurag From Pune India, Really happy to join this forums
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  17. Cindy the Glassman

    Cindy the Glassman New Member

    Hi everyone, this is Cindy from Hong Kong. Nice work Ashish
  18. Abhay Singh Rana

    Abhay Singh Rana New Member

    Hi everyone. Myself Abhay Singh 34 Bihar India. I am suffering from this desease for last three years. Within this period i have recovered myself too many times. But returned again in covering some more body part.
    Nice to see u all here. Great job Mr Ashish.
    Now i want to try Ayurveda. If somebody have some idea please share.
    If anyone have tried Baba Ramdev's Panchakarma?
  19. Vignesh

    Vignesh New Member

    Hai this is vignesh, i am an engineer and i have been dealing with psoriasis for the past 17 years. yes, had it first when i was 6 and now am 23 and a half. So far i have never cared about psoriasis until i get the white dots in my skin. over the last 17 years my body has been affected by psoriasis for 10 - 15 times. whenever the white dots appear, i take medicines and it will vanish. but for the past 11 years am taking regular homeopathy medicines from a single doctor. now it started appearing again in all the joints of my body mainly the elbows. for the past 4 months the dots has been growing enormously spreading in my back and my fore arms. so far, i have never changed my diet. but am a vegan. and now i am finally ready to take some steps towards the betterment of my health. so nice to see this group. i don't know whether this forum is still active or not. just thought i'd post a msg. and nice work ashish.. :) plz reply anyone who reads this msg

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