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  1. caish
    Is it able to transmit from one generation to next
  2. Keerti
    Keerti Ashish Agarwal
    Hi Ashish, First off, let me start off by saying 'GREAT BLOG'. More power to you and wish you keep doing this wonderful selfless work. I'm originally from India, but settled in the U.S. and a mother of two kids. My 6 yr old son was diagnosed with psoriasis when he was two and half years of age, and he is still suffering from it. Could you suggest some good books or any literature that you think would help me?
  3. Jose manrique
    Jose manrique
    Am a new member .what kind of health insurance should I be looking for epo,hmo, price range, deductible I'll appreciate your feedback tks
  4. Waseemah
    I'm a new member an need help. My psoriasis never goes away,it always stays there an I frustrates me.
  5. Pascale Moukh
    Pascale Moukh
    We are different yes ,, but not less ,,!!
  6. Dr. Deshpande
    Dr. Deshpande
    Let's fight this dreaded disease together.
  7. Mandeep
    Sir im a new member so i need help for psoriasis which is for long time on some body parts and is recurring repeatedly .
  8. anilvelicheti
    Hi, this is anil from Hyderabad, India
  9. Abhay Singh Rana
    Abhay Singh Rana
    Hi. Abhay Singh M 35 from Bihar.
  10. sunil tiwari
  11. Ashish Agarwal
    Ashish Agarwal
    31 years old Man from Noida, India
    1. Valentina Ivon
      Valentina Ivon
      Ashish ji I had joined this Blog a day before and joined the community by sending details and also my message seeking help on my situation but i am not sure if you have read it or not since I did not get any response. I have logged in and am a new member. Please guide- if you have not seen the post message sent by me tell me so that i resend it to you, and other forum members.
      Aug 25, 2015