I am Ashish Agarwal, 30 years old man from India.I am suffering from psoriasis since last 9 years and I was covered almost 80% with psoriasis flakes all over my body.After trying almost everything, now I have controlled this skin problem to 10-15% level with:

  • Suitable change in diet and life style
  • Regular exercise
  • Use of some household herbs like turmeric,black cumin seed oil,coconut oil and flax seeds

Exact cause of Psoriasis is still unknown.It can be a genetic disorder or auto immune disorder or due to accumulation of toxins over an extended period of time due to various issues.But, making suitable positive changes in your diet,life style and using few household herbs would certainly help you to manage/heal this skin condition to a large extent.If you have psoriasis, then come and join us.We are discussing various holistic ways of managing/healing psoriasis.